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KB OIL DMCC are one of the top importers and exporters of petroleum products in the Middle East. We excel and are able to maintain a healthy client base as the company imports products from highly dependable sources with several years of trusted business relationships.


KB OIL DMCC has been engaged in the field of fuel supply in UAE, supplying diesel to the renowned establishment as well as prestigious projects. It has emerged as one of the most reliable fuel suppliers with high-quality products such as Gasoil, and Gasoline with utmost customer care and holding absolute responsibility. We are equipped with a well-maintained fuel supply fleet and we operate around the clock having highly experienced and responsible personnel to ensure the best and prompt service to our prestigious customers.

We maintain strictly compliant with all federal laws relating to loading, transporting and discharging of petroleum products. Our business goodwill and excellent supplier relationship help us for complying prompt delivery of product with exact specifications.


KB OIL DMCC is capable of delivering all varieties of Gasoil, Gasoline and other related intermediate fuels to all major ports in the UAE. Our sales and production teams are highly professional which helps us ensure timely service as well as world-class customer experience.

Our Goal

KB OIL DMCC strives for the success for providing our clientele with the highest quality standard of our variety of petroleum products, worldwide.

We aim to please all of our customers, as well as treating them with loyalty and respect. We put all of our focus on the satisfaction of our customers, always putting their needs in front of our own, and we aim for a swift, successful delivery of the product, without fail.


The quality of our products are beyond the standard to KB OIL DMCC. We believe that the petroleum market is a major key indication to reliability, and can be used for the evaluation and comparison to our rivalries’ products. Test results of our products can very simply be met, with all the international standards in most of the requested categories.

We always ensure that the customers receive the products in accordance with quality standards as per the agreement with our customers, and further our quality assurance within the organization, as we spread the culture of importance of quality, and expand the scope of laboratory services domestically and internationally.


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